Shared Mail Program

A shared mailer exclusively for premium brands.

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Market/city based mailings

Partner with us to get low cost shared sends to the largest metropolitan areas across the United States. We'll help you target the best neighborhoods and zip codes for your business.

Modeled/targeted mailings

Target specific types of households that resonate with your brand. Examples of specific segments we target include high income women, moms, new movers, and pet parents.

A turnkey solution

Select your campaigns, send us your creative, and we’ll take care of printing, targeting and delivery.

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With roots in the e-commerce space, our team lives and breathes DR marketing and has extensive experience in direct mail. We know the in-and-outs of printing, postage, targeting, and execution to maximize savings and minimize time to market.


We leverage our scale across our print & mail offerings to negotiate great pricing on behalf of our clients.


Using data to enhance targeting is a core competency of SLM, and one in which we’ve invested significant resources. Targeting for our mailings is based on proprietary, predictive (logistic) regression models that take into account independent variables from a variety of sources, including demographic data, client response data, and third party behavioral/informational data.


We’re marketers ourselves – we think in terms of generating great CPAs for clients vs. the sales mentality of typical advertising agencies. If we don’t think something will work for a partner, we won’t hesitate to let them know; in other words, the incentive to show great results/build a great reputation will always trump any incentive to “make more money” on our end.